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remain unstable. meteorologists. >> toyota has agreed to pay a maximum fine rather than go to court. t.j. winnick has more. >> according to the federal parliament, toyota knew about the problems of sudden accelerations and the brake pedals by september, but waited until january to tell regulators. later today the automobile giant agreed to pay a $16.4 million fine, for the maximum civil penalty allowed. >> this is a black eye for toyota because it shows the company did not care about safety, that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> while the company is likely to admit no wrongdoing, by paying the full civil penalty, it is accepting responsibility for hiding the safety defect in violation of law. >> it was once considered invincible and has taken a fall. >> its chief executive testified before congress and insisted the company had not tried to hide anything. >> in the name of the company, it has a longstanding tradition of pride, we never run away from problems or pretend not to notice them. >> federal officials say they would have levied a fine of $14 billion, had it been
-filled saga. the misery grows for people living in airports. >>> record fine. the government charges toyota with the largest penalty ever for failing to come clean. >>> and rescuing city's landmarks before they're gone for good. >>> good morning, thanks for being with us on this monday morning. on this fifth day of the crippling aviation shutdown, signs that things could be slowly returning to normal. >> yeah, several countries have already reopened airspace this morning. half the scheduled flights will be able to take off. this after the airlines ran test flights into the ash reporting no problems. but still spewing 750,000 tons a second. >> showing the haze covering most of the continent. let's begin this morning's coverage right in the thick of it. sonia gallego has the latest developments from london. good morning, sonia. >> good morning, vinita, officials here attempt to flesh out a solution for the air travel chaos. >> reporter: it's the largest air traffic shut down in britain since world war ii. >> no planes or nothing. >> reporter: the committee known as cobra convened to discuss a
in this area. still to come on abc 7 news at noon. the government collects a record fine from toyota. the latest on the troubles of toyota. heading home? not yet. the shuttle discovery is still in space. >> the american taxpayer ought not to be charged for and won the from the got itself into trouble. >> will the democrats plan leave taxpayers on the hook? a new crackdown turns into a fight on the hill. it is a cooler day today. >> tens of thousands of people filled the streets in krakow to say a final goodbye to the president and his first lady. the winter the streets for a state funeral and burial. the ash cloud kept a number of world leaders from attending, including president obama. the defense secretary robert gates has a memo that he wrote, says it was not a week a call to the white house. the january memo set off a scramble within the obama administration. but gates says it only identifies steps that should be taken in defense planning. after the white house increase pressure on iran -- he says that no one to think that iran can get to washington off guard. >>> two leaders are
to reopen. >> today toyota will announce whether it will pay up. good morning washinton begins right now. >> live, and in high definition, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> good monday morning, washington. i am doug mcelway. >> i am natasha, in for alison starling. let's go to meteorologist brian van de graaff. >> temperatures in the 30's in the outlying suburbs. a frost advisory. in the immediate metro area the growing season begins on april 15. in the 30's in middletown. 44 degrees in springfield. 44 in college park. west of the city from fairfax and loudoun and prince william, there's a trust advisory until 8:00 this morning. mid afternoon it will be in the mid 60's and much more comfortable. -- frost advisory. >> their clearing overnight construction. north into baltimore and out to the airport are good. let's take you live across the potomac river at the american river bridge, moving nicely on this side of the beltway. back to the news desk. >> our top story, two students shot at a maryland college, one of them fatally. both were from the metro region. we are
employers are expected to attend. >> in the daily toyota update, they'll fork over millions of dollars of cash to the government. toyota agreed to pay a fine of $16 million the government says that the auto maker delayed a recall over gas pedals and toyota has until today to contest or accept the fine. >> hours from landing or possibly a day. the astronauts are watching the skies below them this morning. they're watching mission control and bad weather in florida could prevent the shuttle from touchingdown today. here's the latest from wjz-13. >>> >> reporter: discovery will touchdown with 2 1/2 tons of trash and discarded equipment from international space station. it was a mission with unexpected challenges including a faulty valve and a jammed latch. >> we've literally had blow after blow come at us and we've handled each one in smart fashion. >> reporter: stephanie wilson used this robotic arm to overcome this problem with the giant storage bin after the latch stuck. >> good job, ladies. >> reporter: nasa is going to fix it with a future space walk and three space walks upgraded eq
, toyota agrees to pay a fine of more than $16 million, stemming from the defect in its vehicles. it was pleased because the government says toyota delayed on telling them about sticking gas pedals. the a maker agreed to pay a but denies the allegation that it violated the law. a transportation official says toyota wanted to avoid contesting it in court. the government claims toyota knew about the problems last september but failed to issue a recall until january. 8 million toyota vehicles worldwide are affected by the recall. many people are still looking for jobs these days, but once a land that interview, how can you make yourself standout? tracy get some expert advice. >> you can blow an interview, absolutely. >> you are lucky to get in the door, but you are one of many. you cannot lose sight of that. >> two interviewed experts agree to tell us the dos and don'ts. they say some things are obvious the people must them all the time. harrah's is president of first financial burdens as cannot overstate your experience >> they do reference checking or people who may know the perso
of the oklahoma city bombing. >>> the latest now. toyota says it will recall the 2010 lexus gs 460 toaddresss a problem with the suv rolling over. recall affects 6,000 vehicles sold since the suv went on sale in late december. consumer reports issued a don't buy warning last week on the vehicle saying that it susceptible to roll i don't haves. toyota responded by halting sales of the vehicle and conducting tests on all suvs. >>> toyota will pay a record fine to federal regulators. it is the latest trouble for the automaker as it struggles to put safety problems in the rear-view mirror. the safety crisis cost can car maker millions in revenue. now it will pay more in a levy assigned by the national highway transportation association. they will pay $16 million. maximum penalty allowed under u.s. law. documents show the company knew of concerns involving unintended acceleration and sticky gas pedals. the company recalled six million vehicles in all. sales are still strong. the company's once sterling reputation for safety has been tainted. >> toyota once was considered an invincible brand. other
the vatican earlier this year. >>> nbc news has learned that later this morning toyota is expected to sign paperwork for information relating to its sticking gas pedal recall. according to a department of transportation official, by paying the record $16.4 million fine, the maximum allowed by law, toyota is accepting responsibility for hiding the safety defect. the japanese automaker is expect ed to pay the penalty before going to court while they're not expected to admit to any specific wrongdoing. >>> and now here's a look at some other stories making news today early today in america. new york police are asking for the public help asking for the identity four young women. two of the women distracted a store clerk while the others stuffed merchandise into their shopping bags. employees describe the suspects as very young, possibly high school or college students. >>> some 50 new jersey residents are out of house and home this morning after a massive fire ripped through two apartment buildings. firefighters say they had trouble getting blaze under control but amazingly there were no injur
una serie de he liridoes. >>> gracias martín >>> y una multa más para toyota por no avisar a tiempo de los problemas de los autos regreso nos no se vaya. ( ♪ música ) >>>toyota aceptó pagar una cifra récord >>> ante las duda de los consumidores sobre las dudas de toyo toyotas muchos vehículos se quedan >>> si una compañía no valoriza la seguridad del empleador se queda ahí >>> ellos a kwceptaron pagar un multa, donde estados unidos le impusieron por ocultar información relacionadas al pedal de frenos >>> esta multa es la más grande que hemos visto de 16 millones y medio la más grande anterior un millón >>> una multa de 16 millones de y medio de multa es barato com p parado sí el gobierno hubiera visto el número de aulautos defectuosos. >>> propietarios de más de 5 millones de toyotas fueron notificados de la inspección de sus automóviles, lo que interno muestran que en canadá se enviaron cambios para el mes de septiembre, en estados unidos, tomaría 4 meses más porque los notifi notificación salieron en el mes de enero en un comunicado, dijo haber hecho mejor trab
airline traffic back on track. >>> toyota's troubles. decision day on a hefty fine imposed by the u.s. government. >>> and lady's night. carrie underwood makes history at the country music awards. ♪ >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 19th, >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 19th, 2010. remains unpredictable. millions of passengers have been >>> good morning. this morning airline travel in and to much of europe remains up in the air. some officials believe that ash from that volcanic cloud in iceland is subsiding, but meteorologists warn the cloud remains unpredictable. millions of passengers have been stranded and pressure is growing to reopen european air space. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, both air travelers and airlines are very anxious for things to start moving again, but uk officials just announced that british air space will remain closed until at least tomorrow morning. most of european air space will be closed for business for at least one day. >> we really have an unprec
over your bags. >>> and plus, toyota's troubles are far from over tonight. the carmaker is forced to pay for the accelerator problem and issuing another major recall tonight. >>> five days since a earthquake claimed thousands of lives in china. an amazing story of survival. meet the victims pulled from the rubble alive. >> keep it right here. ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> two top al-qaeda leaders have been killed the iraqi prime minister announced their deaths today. they were killed in a tikrit in a joint operation between american and iraqi forces. u.s. military officials say this is significant, a significant blow to the terrorist group. >>> remembering the victims of the oklahoma city bombing 15 years after the attack. an attack that shook the nation. 168 men, women and children were killed when timothy mcveigh set off a massive truck bomb in front of the alfred p. murrah federal building. we have more on the touching memorial. >> catherine elizabeth -- >> reporter: a lone bag piper leading the procession a
. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at >>> toyota announced a recall of one of its suvs. the 2010 lexus gs 460, to preprogram an electronic stability control system. this comes after "consumer reports" issued a rare don't buy warning because of a rollover risk. toyota said its own testing confirmed the problem and they said the software fix would solve the problem. toyota agreed to pay the biggest government-ordered fine ever, $16.4 million as punishment for its handling of sudden acceleration problems. the transportation department said toyota hid information about sticking gas pedals the problem that led to the recall of 2.3 million vehicles worldwide. toyota agreed to pay the fine, the company denies it violated u.s. laws. >>> this was inevitable. after spirit airlines announced its intention to charge to put a piece of luggage in the overhead compartment other carriers are lining up to sign a pledge not to do that. they are so far american, delta, jetblue united and us airways. >>> if george washington hadn't given so much to his country h
. the cancellations are costing the aviation industry at least $200 million per day. >>> toyota is apparently going to pay up rather than fight. an official in the transportation department says toyota is expected to agree to pay a record $16.4 million over those detective gas pedals rather than go to court. toyota waited four months to tell federal officials about the problem. >>> the next time you need medical help, the answer might just be in the palm of your hand. a new iphone app may be just what the doctor ordered. it is auld i triage and gives users medical information in an instant. >> reporter: when a patient has a condition, dr. brian bob has years of medical training and prime and urgent care experience to guide him to what the problem is and how to fix it. >> reporter: there is i triage. >> it is a tool we want to show our patients how to use so they can know when and where they need to go. >> reporter: whether it be a pharmacy, primary care physician, where to go started with the patient's problem. >> you could say look up your symptoms. say you're having abdominal pain. you might have
minutes will take you down to 395. a quick check of your commute. back to you. >>> it's official. toyota say it's will pay a penalty but the company is not admitting gilt. the government said they will pay a fine for failing to alert authorities >> it makes a lot of sense sense for their legal position but i think that we all know behind that is okay, we did something wrong and here's our way of trying to make up for it with the united states government. >> toyota's troubles continue to mount. the car company has announced a voluntarily recall of one of its luxury models. the 2010 lexus good 20. they discovered a rollover problem and announced those results last week as well. toyota says a software update should fix the problem. >>> the head of the senate banking committee says reforms in the financial industry are needed to keep firms that are too big to fail from doing damage in the economy. and it would have shut down the alleged activity that brought charges against goldman sachs last week. >> our bill would have prevented that kind of effect from happening in my view and that's w
. >>> toyota has until the end of the day to accept or contest a record fine from the government. >>> and some airlines promise nay will never charge you for your carry on luggage. >>> time for if first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica foil is here with the headlines. >>> wall street rebounded after friday's selloff. stocks dropped on news federal regulators filed civil charges against goldman sachs and asian stocks fell 2%. the dow stands at 11019 after dropping 126. the nasdaq lost 34 an the s&p 500 was down 20. >>> the securities and exchange commission's charges against goldman sachs could impact the entire banking sector. goldman denies allegations it sold risky mortgage investments without saying it was with a hedge fund betting it could fail. >>> a published report says federal authorities are picking up the pace in a criminal investigation of former mortgage giant countrywide financial and its role in the banking and housing meltdown. the "wall street journal" says one of the several federal investigations is a criminal probe of countrywide. >>> toyota is expected to agree
, not the fire. her husband is being charged with murder, arson and other offenses. >>> toyota has agreed to pay a record fine for failing to dealt with problems with its cars. the federal government will collect a $16.5 million penalty from toyota. the deposit says toyota knew about the problem in late september but didn't immediately report it. this is the largest fine ever paid to the u.s. government by an auto maker. >>> another gorgeous day across maryland at this hour, take a look outside right now, sunny and pleasant, a spring day with no rape in sight we're told. we're live with coverage, tim williams updating the forecast from the first warning weather center, good afternoon tim. >> good afternoon don, everyone. a cool the day because of cool winds blowing in from the northwest. the winds are a factor today. temperatures around 57 degrees, approaching 60 area-wide, as we do we're going to see temperatures out in our areas, 55 in cumberland, 58 down on the shore, these are gonna stay with us, these conditions, reading on through tomorrow. a cool start but a nice finish as we will warm up
this 5-year-old. >>> still ahead, toyota paying a record fine for not alerting u.s. officials about a dangerous pedal defect. the automaker said it did not break the law. could the judge in the casey anthony trial be taken off the case? we'll tell you what's going on with that big story. man: be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. woman: discover the protection, comfort and convenience of transitions lenses for the entire family at or visit a walmart vision center today. and wear hats. i was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. no more hats. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. no more hats. if you could see how nature made fish oil protects your heart, you'd be glad you take it. its omega 3's strengthen your cell walls so they stay
concerning toyota and that regard fine in the doe lay of reporting the gas pedals. good news over airline's and the couldn't row controversial carry on fee. and dancing to finet a cure. >> readings will be kind of quold tonight. the forecast for the week ahead is coming up with clearing skies. right now, the temperature dropped off at 46 andd >> late breaking news from washington. toyota is degreed to pay a $16 million fine for waiting to report the gas pedal problem. by law, the car maker should have reported the defect within five days of finding it. transportation secretary acoozed the secretary of avoiding reporting the problem for four months. >> just a few weekends left to go house shopping. explaining what you need to know to cash in. >> first-time home buyers. it's like we are competing for the money. >> she took it. $8,000 towards the pump of this town home. we'll put it back in the house. >> the result was a $6500 credit for some looking to move up. >> people wanting to take advantage are trying to get iner under that headline. you have until june to settle. they need a downpour
could bring more rain on saturday into monday. >>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> this is a series that everybody thought was going to be a walkover for the capitals. the canadians are the eighth seed. semyon varlamov will be in the net for game 3. jose theodore played for the montreal canadiens and gave up four goals in the last few periods. varlamov seem to wake up the capital's. >> one game is good but we have to keep going. it feels like we put the pressure on them and got the momentum back. >> the capitals rallied to tie the series at one game apiece. >> we are not out of the woods. there are a lot of people that say montreal has outplayed us for two games. we are now going into their building. >> they're building is one of hockey's ready is a real mess. -- rowdiest arenas. thate boudreau condedcedes the canadiens won the game by going offense only. >> if we want to succeed, we have to tighten up. we are worried about winning the next game right now. >> after the redskins' first three day minicamp under mike shana
. walmart. >>> welcome back. we're following a developing story regarding toyota. transportation department official says toyota will now recall the 2010 lexus gx 460 to address a potential problem with the suv rolling over. you might recall last week "consumer reports" issued a don't buy warning for this vehicle saying that it was susceptible to rolling over. toyota suspended sales of the suv and now it is recalling some 6,000 vehicles sold since the suv went on sale for retail around $50,000. another blow here for toyota to report to you this afternoon. >>> and senate democratic aide now says the senate will take up financial regulatory reform thursday. that is the same day president obama comes here to new york to push for reform. republicans opposed to the measure are threatening to block the senate from taking action. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us from capitol hill. so you've got scott brown, the new senator from massachusetts, saying he will -- it seems the democrats and the president have this all hands on deck strategy. they really want to get something done and think they've got m
mortgage giant now the focus of a criminal investigation. >>> plus, deadline day for toyota. will the company pay up on that record government fine? >>> toss out the calendar. it doesn't feel like an april morning out there a check of weather and traffic next. >>> weather and traffic on the 1s. it's 4:41. chilly 47 degrees in washington. and it's in the mid 40s in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery county now in the low 40s. quite a chilly start this morning. we have it down into the 30s in prince william, culpeper. this zone here may be getting scattered frost so if do you have any tender plants, any house plants you set outside early this season, bring them in. and southern maryland now in the 40s as well as northern neck and eastern shore. now over the last 12 hours we've got high pressure over us with clear sky and we'll have lot of sunshine today. afternoon highs should climb into the mid 60s and overnight tonight another clear night. mid 40s tomorrow morning and by tomorrow afternoon into the mid 60s again with lots of sunshine. then we'll have a so
about when you're going to need your umbrella next. >>> toyota agrees to pay a multi-million fine but is not accepting responsibility fo of vehicles. we'll be back. [ sneezes ] ♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. >>> pay 9 fine without the guilt. that's essentially the deal that toyota and the government made. the automaker will pay a record $16 million related to the sticky pedal problems but some say that will do little to repair the image of a now troubled brand or to restore any good will among consumers. the government says toyota knew about sticky gas problems and that violates a law which requires an automaker to aalert nitza of a safety defect within five days. transportation secretary ray la hood said that put consumers at risk. the penalty is the most the government could seek but doesn't address a wigger
, everyone. >>> today, toyota is agreeing to pay a record fine stemming from its gas pedal problems. tom costello is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: today is the deadline for toyota to accept or fight a $16.4 million fine. the company is expected to pay up, the largest fine ever assessed by the government against a car maker. the government alleges toyota knew about sticking gas pedals last september, but hid the effects and issued a recall. toyota is facing mounting civil lawsuits as well as criminal investigations. a $16 million fine for toyota is really not significant, but it is yet another strike against the company's reputation. toyota recalled 2.3 million vehicles in january for the sticking accelerator. the company has recalled more than 8 million vehicles worldwide because of acceleration problems and braking problems. a government official tells nbc news by paying the full civil penalty, toyota is accepting responsibility for hiding this safety defect from nhtsa, the national highway safety administration, in violation of the law. it now has 30 days to write
for injuries. >>> toyota plans to pay up to the government for failing to report gas pedal problems on the vehicles. toyota expected to agree to a $16.4 million fine, the deadline to contest the record breaking fine is tomorrow. video has been incredible but the follow up from the volcanic eruption in iceland left hundreds of thousands of travelers standed. torrell brown reports. >> reporter: test flights took to the skies over europe as major airlines look for ways to get planes in the air. pilots did not report problems after flying below the cloud of ash. that combined with a favorable weather forecast, has aviation officials hopeful some flights may resume on monday. . >> tomorrow almost 50% of european space will be risk free. >> reporter: for now, tens of thousands of passengers remain stranded. some confuse aid bout whether it is safe to fly. >> it's a good question. >> reporter: many europeans are stranded in the u.s. as they wait for the skies to clear. they are not all stuck at the airport. some are coming to sea word. if some come to park with a valid airline ticket from
but they agreed not to as part of the plea. >>> to a consumer reports about the lexus suvs toyota was taking a closer look at. the department of transportation announced toyota will be recalling its 2010 lexington gx460 models. that adds up to about 6,000 vehicles. consumer reports issued a don't buy warning last week saying the vehicle was prone to rolling over. >>> let's check out that evening rush hour. patranya bhoolsuwan in the traffic center. how is it it out there tonight. >> we have a brand new accident in maryland crane highway northbound at mitchell road so some lanes maybe blocked in. a good spot to avoid out in maryland. good news on 95 going southbound that accident in maryland all lanes have reopened but still very significant delayses from 895 to route 32. so bw parkway still a good alternate tonight. moving out to 60 now. we're looking at some delays out here. this is the third. we're looking at a 25 minute commute all the way to 7100 and no incidents or accidents we're tracking out of here. just a lot of volume. finally 395 a little dark but no major problems from the 14th b
after a two-week mission. the shuttle has enough supplies to remain in orbit until wednesday. >>> toyota agrees to pay a fine of more than $16 million for its four-month delay in telling the government about defective gas pedals about their cars. that according to the transportation department official, who says toyota have until tomorrow to accept or contest the record of $16.4 million fine. that fine is because that the car maker knew about sticking gas pedals in their vehicles in september. but they did not issue a recall until january. >>> still ahead on 9news now, mourners, they paid final respects to the president and the first lady. >> and some high school students in our area, they will soon be teaching their peers. i'll explain that when we come back. >>> a little bit in the way of the cloud cover, keeping the temperatures a little bit more of what they are doing. that is my forecast. officially 69. and at national today. the wakeup weather. calling for another fridged start tomorrow. here is a look at the almanac data. and they will go to your wakeup weather. a very cold start.
. the japanese carmaker toyota has agreed to pay our record $16.4 million to safety regulators in the u.s. regulators say toyota failed to inform the government about the concerns over its accelerator pedals. the chinese prime minister has visited the scene of last week's earthquake. saving lives is still the priority. rescue teams are picking through rubble. stay with us, if you can, on "bbc world news." still to come -- pope benedict marks five years at the helm of the vatican. we go to germany to find out how the catholic church is grappling with the child sex abuse scandal. first though, the exiled prime minister of thailand again calls for parliament to be dissolved and for new elections. that is the main demand of the red shirt protesters to a encamping for weeks in the middle of bangkok. hundreds of soldiers at been deployed to stop the move into the capital's business district. our correspondent has this report from the thai capital. >> troops on the streets of bangkok, heavily armed and ready to crack down on a protest that has already lasted weeks. us a real seen as tourists,
as the city mayor will be honored. his picture revealed at city hall. >>> late tonight word that toyota is agreeing to pay a $16.4 million fine for their delay in reporting the gas pedal problem that led to a recall. it was handed down by the transportation department. toyota recalled eight million vehicles worldwide for defects. >> first look at weather and what an interesting sunday it was. it was chilly. didn't seem like spring. we look at maryland's most powerful radar this is the bright spot of this sunday and spring. it's -- not a cloud in the sky and precipitation not a factor as overnight clouds. it's a chilly one. the flips down. mostly clear and chilly. current temperatures, still dropping in the low 40s. 46 baltimore. 43 newark. its going to be chilly. the week improved i will tell you the full forecast in minutes. >> thank you. hundreds laced up their shoes for the first of many ms walks. this is the 22nd and it was held today. you could walk, run, even roll for ms. at the walk and throughout the coverage of the walk we have asked people why they walk. >> it's just so dis
explosion outside of a school, a 6-year-old boy was killed. toyota has agreed to pay a record $16.5 million to american safety regulators. toyota was asked to pay because regulators failed to inform the government of troubles. the chinese president has visited the scene of the earthquake on the get plateau. rescue teams are still picking through rubble. at least 1,700 people are now known to have died. >> good to have you with us. stay if you can. pope benedict xvi marks five years in the vatican. we go to germany to find out how the chump is grippling with the child sex abuse scandal. >> first, though, the exiled former prime minister of thailand has again called for parliament to be dissolved and for a new election. that is the main demand of the red shirt protestors who have been camping for weeks in the middle of bangkok. most support him. hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to stop the movement into the business district. last week 25 people died when the protests turned violent. we have this report from the thai capital. >> troops on the streets of bangkok, heavily armed and ready
and parcel of flying. schumer will meet with spirit airlines to discuss their new fees next week. >>> toyota is paying a fine for waiting four months to tell the government of telling about the defective gas pedals. toyota knew about the sticking gas pedals in september but didn't issue a recall until january inside coming up on the early edition, your every desire at the touch of a button. the smart phone popping up all across the country. >>> and lots of sunshine today with temperatures climbing into the 60s. and how much warmer will it climb >>> we hope you had a greet weekend. a little cool and breezy then, but today it will be a little bitter and it will be a little less windy as you look at the hd radar, you're not seeing a whole lot out there. high pressure is going to bring us a nice dry day. if you look up to the north you will see a cup of showers in vermont and new york state and connecticut and other parts of massachusetts and seeing light showers. and down to the south and west, you see in arkansas and louisiana some showers and rainshowers that will be coming our way with maybe
. >>> toyota waited 5 months before telling the u.s. government about pedals in their cars. the company was going to con at the presencontestthe fine. toy at toyota knew about the stg pedals but didn't notify the government until november. >>> things like urinating in public, and smoking where it's banned and even spitting. and joel d smith is live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. this comes after president jack young was touring the bar district about the closing time over the weekend. he saw a lot of things you just mentioned. now he said he has seen enough. he wants to change the current laws on the books and make the fines heavier. here is the examples we're talking about, people drinking and holding open containers of alcohol in public could be fined as much as $500, the 10 times the kusht personality. smoking at indoor establishments, adults, found urinating or defecating could be find $1,000. that is twice the current fine. they are called nuisance crimes and jack young says in addition to helping the city'sy mags it't could also help the bottom line. >> it
>en washington claudia uceda univision la corporacion toyota debera re minivan sienna, en todo el pais... las vans afectadas son de los años 2008 al 2010.. de las cuales el cable que asegura la llanta de emergencia, puede ensarrarse y desprenderse lo que podria significar un peligro en las carreteras y para otros conductores.. los conductores pueden llevar sus vehiculos al concesionario toyota mas cercano... los afectados tambien recibiran cartas por correo... en fairfax estan advirtiendo sobre los peligros de dejar a los ninos en habitaciones con ventanas poco seguras para evitar accidentes fatales como el registrado en dias recientes...maria rosa lucchini nos amplia... estas imagenes.... ya son comunes en varios vecindarios....ventanas abiertas....y niÑos a punto de caer al vacio... "es tan facil, en un momento, en un momento, un niño puede caer con subir por la cama, por la ventana y caer" durante estos meses de calor, familias tienden a abrir sus ventanas... y se confian de las rejillas contra insectos.... expertos advierten que estas no representan nin
your money scope report with toyota set to pay a record fine. the japanese auto maker has reportedly agreed to pay $16.4 million for concealing information about a problem with sticking pedals on some of its vehicles. toyota will accept responsibility on the deal but admit no wrong doing. the transportation department said they knew about it in september but waited until january to issue the recall. >>> and goldmann sacks is facing fraud charges here in the united states and mounting pressures from overseas as well. they say they may ns gait. those countries bailed out banks that lost hundreds of millions of dollars investing with goaledman sacks. >> you werings reports are due out this week. most of them are scheduled to show another quarter of red ink. travelers can look forward to more add-on fees, slightly higher fares and cuts to unprofitable routes especially if some airlines merge. five airlines have promised not to charge fees for carry on bags. they won't follow the lead of spirit airlines which plans to charge up to $45 to put a bag if an overhead bin. >>> and at the movies
to the volcano eruption. we will have the latest. >>> and today toyota is expected to agree to a huge fine for not letting the government know sooner about the sticky gas pedal problem. here's angie. >>> okay. we are taking a live look at drivers making their way to the district. as you can tell, we are delay free. more on the monday morning commute along with the forecast with howard when 9 news returns. stay with us. [ female announcer ] you know what stilettos do for your legs. va va voom. now do it for your lashes. with maybelline new york's lash stilettos. the #1 lengthening mascaras. our longest lashes ever... choose original stiletto black... for staggering length... sleek and tapered. and now stiletto voluptuous red... for length with volume... lush and full each with that trademark black patent shine. it's hotter than ever. [ female announcer ] lash stiletto original and voluptuous the #1 lengthening mascaras. maybe she's born with it. ♪ maybe it's maybelline [ male announcer ] you're surrounded by fabrics all day. ♪ wouldn't softer feel better? try ultra downy. it softens fib
is in the news now, toyota will reportedly pay more than $16 million over recent safety issues. the associated press says they will pay for a four-month delay in reporting gas pedal troops. >>> thai leaders sent troops to the business district amid fears of protests. >>> if you thought our weekend was chilly, check out this, six inches of snow fell in new hampshire. most of it should melt early in the week. >> a couple of inches of snow in killington, vermont. there is still time. >> just waiting for your forecast. >> it is a cold start to the day. we will warm up to cool levels this afternoon and this week, well, we will struggle to get to the 70-degree mark by the second half of the week but there will be a price to pay that you may not like too much. the forecast the next flee days. chilly this morning. cool this afternoon. 65. nice tomorrow near 70 in a few spots and showers with highs in the mid-60s. the forecast. i have been on the weather terrace with a jacket and gloves and i'm glad i was. it is cold out there. 30s and 40s. some areas gusting over 20 miles an hour. the u
, they'll try the backup landing site in southern california. >> toyota plans to issue a brand-new recall on the heels of paying a big fine for its previous recalls. toyota is expected to recall its 2010 lexus gx-460 suv. it becomes almost a week after consumer reports gave them a don't-buy rate citing a high rollover risk. toyota has suspended sales of the gx-460. today, toyota agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine for failing to report the fas pedal problems that led to the recall of more than 2 million vehicles earlier this year. >>> a new survey done finds just 22% of those questioned say they can trust washington almost always or most of the time. 43% say the government has a negative impact on their lives. just 19% are content with the government, with about 8 in 10 says they don't trust the federal government and have little faith that it can solve america's problems. >>> coming up to nigh, protestors can guns at a rally in virginia. >> there are more amazing stories of survival after a deadly earthquake in china. >> a crash killed two local teenagers. we'll find out how it mig
95 building back into that work zone. back to you. >> thank you, steve. >>> toyota agreed to pay a record $16.4 million for failing to properly notify the government about those sticking gad pedals. the government says toyota knew about the defect last september but didn't issue a recall until january. a recall that involves some 2.3 million vehicles. the law requires any defect to be reported in five days. transportation secretary ray lahood said "toyota put consumers at rick by failing to report the safety problems." this fine is the largest ever required of an automaker by the u.s. government. authorities are investigating other toyota disclosure practices that may have violated federal law as well which could result in further fines. >>> a charles county community is in mourning today after a college student from waldorf was shot and killed. the shooting happened at an off campus party across the street from fosburg state university yesterday morning. police say tyrone hall shot and killed 20-year-old brandon carroll during a dispute. both are students at the university. carr
veigh was executed in 2001. >>> problems continue to mount for automaker toyota. mary is live with the latest. >> reporter: toyota, which also owns the lexus brand will recall the 2010 lexus gx460 to address a potential problem with the suv rolling over. the recall affects about 6,000 vehicles since the suv went on sale back in december. also today, toyota agreed to pay a record $16.4 million fine for failing to properly notify federal regulators about a dangerous accelerator pedal defect. it is the largest penalty ever made by an automaker to the u.s. government. however, toyota continues to deny that it broke the law. vic, back to you. >> the penalty is connected to the january recall of more than 2 million vehicles, because of problems with stuck accelerators. >> fire investigators determined the cause of an historic fire in downtown annapolis. the cause was determined to have been a discarded cigarette. in all, four businesses were affected. they were not destroyed. but the damage estimate is 250,000 dollars. >>> baltimore's city council president is looking for new ways to raise revenue.
of silence will be held starting at 10:02 this morning. >>> toyota will apparently pay up rather hand fight. an official in the transportation department says toyota is expected to agree to pay a record $16.4 million in fines over those tea detective gas pedals rather than go to court. toyota wait waited four months to tell federal officials about the problem and under a recall. >>> >>> coming up next, which airlines say they will not be charging customers the controversial extra cash to bring your bag on the plane. >>> the pope talks to a group of sex abuse victims in what was said to be an emotional meeting. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me >>> rescue crews are searching for more than 250 still missing after that 6.9 earthquake in china's remote tibetan region. the president of china toured the area where more than 1700 people were killed and most of the structures collapsed. the chinese president promising victims the communist party and government
news on toyota. just agreeing to pay a record, mark, fine. this is $16.4 million. it's to u.s. safety regulators for the government's claim it delayed a massive accelerator pedal recall in january, and again, to give some perspective, that is a very small amount for a company like toyota. most fines are relative to the reputational issues, but when you think about wall street and the fines, for example, what this may cost goldman sachs, it's always the reputational issue that's much more costly than the actual fine. >> yeah. plus, now they've got that issue with their big suv, withdrawing it from sales because of safety concerns. hasn't been a good year for toyota. >> no, it has not. well, the s.e.c. reportedly investigating other mortgage deals by wall street's biggest firms after accusing goldman sachs of fraud. now we are going to be joined by senator kay bailey hutchison, republican member of the senate banking committee. she was obviously with us last week, and well, a lot of things have happened since then. senator hutchison, good to have you with us. we appreciate it. >> thank
. >> the military says a u.s. soldier was killed during the assault when a helicopter ended up crashing. >>> toyota agrees to pay a record fine, but its problems are not over. why the fallout from its sticking accelerator recall is only the beginning. >>> real estate developer donald trump is known for saying exactly what he thinks. so what does he think about the real estate market and the economy in general? poppy harlow said down to kind of pick his brain. i think we sometimes forget that he did make some money in real estate because we just think of him as a personality now. >> a lot of it. not just the one saying "you're fired" on the apprentice. we talked. it was a long talk about the economy, jobs, housing and the recovery. he spoke in depth that the fear of the fall of commercial real estate, office buildings, et cetera, could be worse than the decline of the housing market. he address that had and more. take a quick look. >> in terms of commercial real estate in general, the fear is that it will be worse than the housing fallout. do you think that's possible? >> i don't think
news just into cnn and it involves toyota. it is just coming off the wires. toyota will apparently pay up for taking too long to come clean on one of its recalls, we're being told. the government says toyota knew it had a problem with sticky gas pedals in september, but didn't do a recall until january. toyota has until tomorrow to accept or contest a $16.4 million fine. again, this is just coming in. and here's what a senior transportation official is telling cnn, that the company has indicated it will -- it will pay the fine. so we'll update you on this breaking news story. again, toyota is going to have to pay up to about $16 million. make sure you tune in tomorrow morning for "american morning." they'll have the very latest for you, 6:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. >>> meantime, five major airlines promise they won't charge you for carry-on bags, this according to senator chuck schumer of new york. the news comes after spirit airlines announced it was adding carry-on fees. schumer said he personally got american, delta, jetblue, united and us airways to promise that they won't follow suit
. >> in the past year we have heard so much about cars from, you know, run away toyota to basically the class of the automotive industry about a year ago was when we started hearing about the turmoil and the bailouts. how are things looking now? what a difference a year makes. >> yeah. >> a year ago toyota was the number 1 seller in the country, battling undertake it out, duking it out with general motors, ford was number 3 and chrysler was number 4. so we had bankruptcy for general motors, bankruptcy for chrysler, and nobody could have for seen toyota's problems coming. ford has catapulted to number 1. >> how did they do that? >> well the first thing is they didn't take the government money, and the consumer responded very favorably to that. in fact, chrysler and general motors, in my opinion, are feeling quite a bit of backlash from taking government money. in the case of chrysler, today, chrysler fleets, fleet sells, 55% of their cars are a recipe for disaster. if you were buying a chrysler product today and you drove it out of the show room you're gonna lose 50% of the value instantly bec
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